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Help us share youth media with over 1,800 Marylanders this spring!

Give the gift of self-efficacy and help amplify youth voice.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$670 towards $2,000

"Imagine that stories about you are being told by someone who hasn't lived a day in your skin or endured the effects that come with your identity. Now, imagine a world where stories are told by those who experience them, not by an outsider trying to control someone's narrative. That's a world that I want to live in..." - Gyasi, 16

You can help share powerful youth stories like Gyasi's to 1,800 people across Maryland this spring by supporting Wide Angle Youth Media on Giving Tuesday.

In 2017-2018, hundreds of Baltimore youth spent a year creating photographs, graphic design projects and videos that reflect upon systems of oppression that shape the Black experience as well as their lived experiences, and depict Black struggle and Black joy. Students used media to educate their community – determining who needs to hear specific stories, and the best way to communicate around those topics.

We want to share this timely content through a purposeful distribution strategy that includes a new, free Wide Angle-produced curriculum, "Why Black Lives Matter - Discussing Race Through Film, Photography and Design", and we need your help!

This Giving Tuesday, give the gift of self-efficacy and help amplify youth voice:

  • $10 covers a film festival submission for one youth video project.
  • $25 pays a Youth Film Ambassador to present their work at a screening.
  • $50 supports a teacher to attend a free educator training.
  • $150 provides a free screening and discussion in a school or community organization.

With your support, our youth visionaries and the content they produced will spark in-depth, informed conversations at the heart of our social fabric.